A view from the window

I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating a make-believe home for myself.1 This is maybe because of my Piscean tendency to escape or it is just maybe because I’ve always liked the idea of a home—warm, still, comforting.

My temporary departure from social media in 2021 redirected me to a community of people that craft handmade websites, i.e. simple, personal or community websites that are coded by individuals without using any complex frameworks or softwares, but instead, relying on basic tools such as a text editor. Handmade websites are reminiscent of the early times of the internet when a lot of people DIY their own websites, publishing content that mattered to them and designing their spaces based on what was cool for them. It was the era of marquees, web rings, table layouts, and glitter text GIFs. This period had two things that slowly faded as the internet evolved and the corporate web took over: slowness and intimacy. These two words, aren’t they attributed to home as well?

This handmade website is yet another version of my ideal home. A home that’s not to be likened to a virtual real estate property, but to a plant that lives and grows as one tends to it.

Thank you for gently knocking. Welcome to my ← home!